Design/Build Construction

LIAM offers its clients a level of service that is unmatched within the industry. How? By having its owners on the site, making decisions in a lean, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Unlike conventional firms, who add layers of communication by assigning middle managers to your project, LIAM all but eliminates miscommunications, cost overruns, and wasted time.

Working with LIAM, you can rely on:

  • A firm budget early in the project
  • A design phase that controls costs
  • Innovative and cost-effective solutions
  • Clear cost options should you expand the scope of work
  • Limited change orders
  • A fast-track schedule
  • A responsible company taking single-source responsibility
  • Improved risk management

Pre-Engineered Buildings

LIAM has extensive experience erecting Nucor’s prefabricated all-steel metal buildings. These structures save you money, because they minimize the time spent on design, fabrication and construction, and they make it easy for you to expand your facility as your capabilities grow. LIAM’s pre-engineered buildings are ideal for those who need an open layout; they’ve been used as gymnasiums, religious venues, riding arenas, storage buildings and manufacturing facilities.

For pre-engineered assignments, LIAM acts as your single-source—it brings you competitive prices, outstanding service, and quality installations. Plus, LIAM stands behind every one of its Nucor buildings. Nucor’s designs employ recycled steel and a proprietary interlocking roof system—so they are as environmentally conscious as they are safe and appealing. Plus, LIAM warehouses a full inventory of Nucor parts and supplies, so its ready to service your project long after the installation has been completed.

General Contracting

Thanks to a veteran management team and a seasoned workforce, LIAM is able to offer competitive bids and still retain its commitment to service and quality construction unsurpassed in the industry.

By letting LIAM become your single-source contractors, you’ll save time, energy, and money. Leave it to LIAM to:

  • Assess your needs
  • Develop a preliminary budget and site plan (as required by municipalities)
  • Formulate a working budget
  • Apply for requisite permits and approvals
  • Hire staff and consultants, including:
    • Legal Counsel
    • Engineers
    • Environmental Professionals
    • Architects
    • Structural and Mechanical Consultants
    • Additional Project-Related Support Staff


We provide a variety of site work services for both commercial and residential projects which includes general excavation and grading, utility installations, curbing, and paving. We are experienced in and capable of completing projects involving everything from clearing and erosion control to pipe work, concrete and finish grading. We are known for high quality work done on schedule, to specifications, and economically. We are capable and experienced problem solvers.

Building and Site Evaluation

One of the first things done when building on a new location is evaluation of the property. What is the soil condition? How is the drainage? What about the slope, the view, access for construction equipment, tree removal, and of course, permits? There are many questions to be addressed before construction begins. This preliminary work done by LIAM establishes a good foundation for planning, scheduling, and designing at a new location.

Project Cost Estimates and Feasibility Studies

Basic engineering from first principles, using current industry best practice is used in LIAM’s cost estimates for feasibility studies.

Supported by in-depth market knowledge and up to date operating cost knowledge, feasibility studies are produced that have unparalleled industry insight and reality.

Value Engineering

We use the value methodology – a systematic and structured approach to evaluate each project – which improves projects, products, and processes. This analyzation of manufacturing products and processes, design and construction projects, and business and administrative processes helps achieve a balance between required functions, performance, quality, safety, and scope with the cost and other resources. The proper balance results in the maximum value for each project.



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